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Everything we do aims to bring a sustainable end to poverty. We believe small changes over a long period, both locally and in remote overseas villages, can have a massive impact. By supporting disadvantaged producers, when implemented properly, the world’s poor can be elevated out of the poverty cycle in a truly empowered way.

NEW WHOLESALE DIVISION - NOW OPEN Are you an organic supermarket or passionate supplier of fair trade and ethical grocery products? Our ever increasing range of fair trade and organic products are now available to be purchased wholesale for your customers to enjoy. Register online with your details to get full access to our web based catalogue, once we confirm your application you'll be ready to join us in promting our great range.

Due to a huge rent increase our retail outlet in Melbourne CBD had to close. Our Fair Trade Store and Espresso Bar reflected our passion of business for good and creating spaces for local communities. Some of your favourite products are now seen at other stores and cafes in various neighbourhoods around the country.